Family owned

Our vineyard is family-owned, small and boutique. Only the best grapes are selected and hand-picked to make our premium Bostock Wines. We have 50 hectares of prime viticulture land within the Bridge Pa Triangle containing the oldest soils on the Heretaunga Plains. This land is currently in conversion to being certified organic. Hawke’s Bay is regarded as the premier growing region of New Zealand celebrated for its diversity of soils and warm and sunny maritime climate. Our experience of working with many of the 30 different soil types that make up the patchwork of the Heretaunga Plains cemented our appreciation of the pedigree of the Bridge Pa district for world-class winegrowing.

Family owned | Bostock Wines
The Bridge Pa District | Bostock Wines

The Bridge Pa District

The Bridge Pa district is made up of the oldest soils of the Heretaunga Plains formed over thousands of years by the action of the lower Ngaruroro River before it shifted its path significantly north. The Bridge Pa soils are free draining with a layer of brown sandy loam over a deep alluvial gravel base. The greywacke gravels here have a red tinge and are locally referred to as the “red metals” a result of the iron content in the soils from historic volcanic ash deposits.

The combination of the well sheltered location, favourable climate and soils has quickly created the area’s reputation for beautifully fragrant and balanced medium weight Syrah and Merlot and expressive age worthy Chardonnay.

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Harmony with Nature

We manage many individual parcels of vines over a mixture of clonal and rootstock combinations to evaluate and evolve the full potential of our site.  During the season each vine is individually hand tended on over 10 occasions and this patiently formed human connection with the vines translates into the unique expression within each vintage of Bostock Wine. Our experience has taught us that the healthiest and safest environment for all living things will bring the greatest enjoyment and we firmly believe that organic growing practices is the logical way to achieve harmony with nature.

Harmony with Nature | Bostock Wines
Johnny Bostock | Bostock Wines

Johnny Bostock

Johnny Bostock owns over 500 hectares of Biogro certified organic land within the Heretaunga Plains which is used to grow organic apples, onions and squash. The orchards, cropping and vineyard are all farmed sustainably to preserve and enhance our soils, rivers and underground aquifer for future generations to enjoy. Hawke’s Bay is one of the cleanest and purest growing environments in the world and is the perfect place to create world-class premium wines.

Johnny Bostock has teamed up with Internationally acclaimed winemaker, Rod McDonald to create premium Bostock wines which each reflect the land, vintage and character they have come from.

“I am a conservationist. I am an organic producer. I am an environmentalist. I am committed to the sustainable management of land within our country.”

Johnny Bostock

Effortless Class | Bostock Wines

Effortless Class

Our focus and precision among the vines allows the winemaking approach to progress patiently. The goal is to allow the energy of the grapes to be expressed within the wines creating tension between power and elegance and an overall feeling of effortless class. The individual vineyard parcels are closely followed through fermentation and maturation with the greatest of care. Every nuance is considered and the very best reflection of the vineyard and season captured within the awaiting bottles.

Everything we do has a focus on creating premium products in partnership with nature, protecting the land for future generations to enjoy.

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