New Zealand’s Largest Organic Apple Grower Launches Bostock Wines

New Zealand’s Largest Organic Apple Grower Launches Bostock Wines


17 May
Media Release
New Zealand’s Largest Organic Apple Grower Launches Bostock Wines

New Zealand’s largest organic apple grower has entered the wine industry using his organic expertise to grow organic grapes.

John Bostock who pioneered commercial apple growing at scale in New Zealand has just launched his first vintage of Bostock Wine.

“It’s very exciting to launch our first vintage of premium Bostock Wines. The grapes are grown and hand-picked on a piece of land which is very special to our family.”

Vicki’s Vineyard has been named after John’s late wife Vicki Bostock who he credits for igniting his passion for organics.

Vicki’s Vineyard is located alongside the Bostock family home at Ngatarawa, in the Bridge Pa Triangle and is an area that has been in Vicki’s family for generations.

“Vicki loved the land and everything it can produce. She was passionate about growing healthy, nutritious food organically. Growing grapes and producing premium organic wine on family land in the area where she grew up is special.”

“It means a lot to me to produce a wine in memory of Vicki from Vicki’s Vineyard,” said Mr Bostock.

Vicki and John converted their first apple orchard to organic in 1996, as Vicki was concerned about the liberal use of chemicals and sprays while raising their three young boys, Ben, George and Tom.

Bostock New Zealand is now the country’s largest organic apple grower and also grows onions, squash and maize with the company focused on sustainable farming, using environmentally friendly practices.

“Hawke’s Bay is renowned for producing some of the best wine in the world. We have committed to only making premium wine. Bostock wines are boutique and we are producing small quantities. I am not interested in producing large volumes of low quality wine. We have a premium model, which is in line with our overall company vision.”

John has teamed up with international award-winning winemaker, Rod McDonald who is making the Bostock Wines.

“Rod is recognised as one of the best winemakers in the world. He knows how to make the best wine and we are impressed with his first Bostock Vintages,” said Mr Bostock.

Mr McDonald says New Zealand organic wine is becoming popular and he is excited to work with the country’s leading organic grower.

“The combination of John’s ambition to make the best wine in the world and the chance to work with an organic grower who has such a clearly defined philosophy, made it an easy decision to get involved. Vicki’s Vineyard has character and brings unique qualities to the Bostock wines and this will deepen over time.”

There are four 2017 Bostock Wine varieties including Syrah, Merlot, Chardonnay and Pinot Gris and in the most recent 2019 vintage, Sauvignon Blanc was added to the selection.

It takes three years to convert the vineyard to organic and the first vintage of fully certified Bostock organic wine will be harvested next year.

“There is a conversion process and everything we have been doing for the last few years has been with a focus on the environment and growing the grapes organically. We are growing our grapes in the most sustainable way possible with no synthetic pesticides or fertilisers,” said Mr Bostock.